Friday, October 29, 2010

Eh. Its a Poem

From Out the Depths,
My Foe Did Rise,
I saw this Coming,
From blinded eyes,
I sowed the seed,
To make it grow,
And While yet she Fought
My peace did Show.

Our laborings Were stretched
Did I not See This Come?
When All would falter,
And maybe Some?
When Anger would rise
and Envy,a heavy fog?
when One would Turn,
Is all gone? Is all gone?

Indeed there were Holes,
She tried to Hide
But my Eyes Could See
from Plain to Valley Wide.
So I sowed the seed,
To Watch what should grow,
To painfully wait,
and See What To Come.

but All that didst grow,
Was a Shrivled Trunk
and Weak It Was.
our Land had been Struck.

And The strings that Tied
from Arm to Arm,
we Stayed together

Till Fire met Yarn....

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