Saturday, October 15, 2011

His Name was Something of an O

I Stood Beside the Wood Laden Fence
Stared Out Into The Open Sky I Did
The Crows Cawed Once
And An Old Bird Took Form
Perched Upon The Fence
As He Cocked His Head
To Me

I Looked Into His Beady Eyes
Twitching This and That
I Saw a Roll Of Letter
Tied To His Bird Ankle
I Reached Out
Thought The Letter Was For Me


The Bird Took Off Overhead As I Did So
I Swiveled Round and Watched It Fly

To an Old Man in Regal Fit
Charms and Pendants hanging Off Him
Long Robes and Animal Skins
Dragging Gently Cross the ground
He raised his Arm and the Bird Sat Upon It
And He was Gone

I Blinked Mad Tears
for the Powerful man Dissapeared
I sank to my Knees in Frustration
" I just Wanted to talk with you!"
"Noone Ever Speaks..."
I Say.

Two Bird Chirpings Later
Wrapped Sole of Brightness 
Became in Front of Me
"To your Feet Child"
He Say
Voice Like Thunder Mixed with a Melted Sun

I Rose Slowly
Gaze held Low

"You Wish not  to look at Me"
His Voice of a Fluid Taunting Sort
I knew Down,If I looked
I Would Be No More

"Suit You, A Seeing Druid you are No?"
I Stood Taking in his Warm Talk
Drunk with Wild Suns

"Dont Know"
Mumbled I

I Felt the Old Man's Smile Beam Over Me
"Soon you Shall"


His Name was Something
Something With an O

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