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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starting from Scratch

It seems everything has suddenly changed
My heart was wavering and dark
But now,I Woke and Held the Sun
I close my Eyes and see Blossoming Reds of White Rays
I can Reach out and Feel the Intense Warm
I can Smile and Say
What a Beautiful Sun,I love its Fire
Wild Sands of another Day
My Light and Guardian Maiden
My Mothers are In each
I was Looking,Looking
Ah, But now I Search,and Know the Difference
I take Comfort under the Earth During the Nights
I Dance Circles Round My Sun During The Days
The Cold Wispy Days,That Try and Take
My Burning Light away,But I and She are Strong
I, like the Mighty Old,
Tree that Hung before,King of the Forests
The Great Shadow that Shade the Grasses
The Great Protector, Ai, I hold the Glory of Earth within Me
I can Look Around and See
What a Mighty Work this is
Soon Living, Soon Dying
My Mothers are Everything and in Everything
They Hold and Comfort me
and I can Cry to them and Yell
Oh Great Mother!What am I to Become?
And They Will always say
My great Bird She, Made of Us and We
You Can only Choose your
Mighty Destiny

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