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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Statement From Staring into Space

"Listen,Do you hear that?"
"Hear What?" I cocked my head to listen...

He Stood Still,very still.Even the warming wind stopped,so did the twisting yellow flower he held in hand.
In the Quiet, I sat there,and strained to hear.All was silent.

"That is the Sound of Breath,the sound of thought."
"How can you hear that? Its Silent."
"Some Come with the wind,Others a Loud bang,Run with your Thoughts,they will take you far..."
"I cannot Run with my head,We run with our legs...."
"See this Flower?"
"Yes, It is Beautiful..." I stare at its bright yellow, sunset colored petals...

He reached up with the flower and tapped its petals against the middle of my forehead. Three times I assume.
The flower had so much pollen, its dust and spores shined in the light as it fell down in my face,and into my hands. He withdrew his hand.

"That is where your thoughts will take you..."
I look up,still confused..
"What can I call you?"
"I am silent,yet loud as foot falls on Soil...Call me what you wish..."
His hand suddenly held medium sized clear beads,as he opened his palm out to me.
"Choose One.."

I think all these beads are the same,Though there must be a difference...
I pick the one that seems to shine the brightest.
As I reach out to his open palm,to grab a bead,He turns his hand so the beads fall into my lap and roll elsewhere...

"Choices as this are not always this simple,though they seem to have the same outcome,it is ever rarely easy. Look for this."
"The beads were all the same though..."
I was looking for a difference.
"All choices are choices the same,do you understand this?"
"Yes.." Though I wished I knew More.

He Sighs as a Vibrant Red flower twirls in his fingers.
"Do the women ever put buds in their hairlocks or seeds upon their wrists and arms?"
I think...
"No,They cannot.It would not look good anyway..."
He holds his shimmering flower out to me,as the petals shrivel and curl up tightly in its original bulb.Like it never bloomed.

"A flower is most beautiful as it opens up and unfurls.A flower is most beautiful as it blooms..."

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