Friday, December 28, 2012

The Spiral. A short story.

I feel the need to burn a building down, after all, I am the god of chaos. I destroy to create, to make room for a better self.

Hm yes this can work. The news the next day will tell me my murder count.Something I wont have to do myself. Check.

But which building? Which would be easier? A family home? A church? An office building?
No neither of these will do, as I am a worker of the night. People are asleep at night, I wont hear them scream. Though maybe I will-

'pick a large house with many vehicles out in front, maybe a gated house. You know they have important things inside.' a voice murmurs.

I now stand in the middle of an empty sunroom. The prior occupant annoyed me,so he was first to go. I forgot where I was for a minute. I've been staring into these large windows for a while now. My vision is spotted and speckled with tiny negative suns when I blink.

'enough of that jane'
He says.

I stretch and sigh...
It is 5:38.. I have to wait at least 6 more hours for my debauchery.

'what will you do?'

Learn the art of immortality and ultimate stealth.

'pathetic.they'll find you.theyll find you and kill you.theyll tear you apart.they hate you You cant do anything right. Youll never learnWHY DID YOU DO THAT you piece of shit filth KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF'
The voices rage and shake my head like a rattling cage.


In a cry of frustration and rage I fling the cleaver into the ground. Inches from my tattered toesocks, inches into the soft carpet flooring.
"Shut up and leave me alone. Go to sleep. I need a break"

They laugh,some of them whimper
"fuckup..." one echoes.

Okay now I can think clearly.
I can do this.
I smile to my self.
I didnt even know I moved from my position.
I own a cleaver?
Clever little bastards, I'll catch you next time.

I cross the kitchen and walk down the hall toward the room.
I'll wake when its time.

I absently drag my fingers across the side of the walls on the way..
I sing my favourite song...

"Kill the babes but
Raise the young swine
Filthy world in need of new lives
I the savior of the Wise
I come to hunt and
take whats miiine"

My head falls swiftly onto the pillow, covers thrown over me in haste.

"you can run
But Ill always find you..."
My eyes close and a long sigh escapes me
" you can run. But you cant hide"

Familiar Blackness comes and evelopes me. I spiraling down into another colourless dream.

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