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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Tell the Story that I Heard Told...

It has become a disease, like fleas,
Set to infect the brain, and bleed!
so authorities have no range to see,
No right,Wrong, or In-between.

From time to space,
Values have Gone to waste!
All the Lessons that illustrate.
Who learned from "Hypocrate" ?

(...He died a litttle Late... >_>)

 but Love Has washed Ashored!
with Consciences that Burn through Floor Boards,
And Childhoods that grow Backwards.
Dont the doctors cut the First Cord?
(Ah no, we've Gone west-ward...)

and When did "Hitler" Arise???
(I thought he long Died...)
Were you there to muffle my cries?
Or are you bound by selfish ties?
and forced to spout Lies?

As the Years leave and come,
Your waiting more for Freedom,
Staring at what Life should Become,
and Hoping you wont Succumb.
(Its post-Stress Delirium!)

You seem to wait for change,
beating to the ends of your cage,
as Events only seem to Gauge,
Does life never Assuage?
Or does it "Happen with Age?"

They throw Rules that never follow,
with hearts that echo shallow,
So only frustration paints the Picasso,
with anger thats spills and billows!
( Hah. Why not Burn the Mural?)


Walking on weakened legs,
hoping your troubles, Die Dead,
Lying Alone on your Hot Bed,
Is it Worth all the Blood-shed?

(Because this Illness is Widespread...)