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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Spiral.

Someone keeps breathing inside my ears. Sounds like a scared child.
'oh isnt that a pity. Oh yes yes it is such a pity'

Inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale-
I open my eyes again.
"NO!" I suddenly scream."Please please pleasee.. None of this is true...please please let it not be true"

'S-s-see uh listen, I-im s-sorry jane, im sorry i didnt...k-know you...w-would-'

Tears pour down my face in rivers... And that person wont stop whimpering...
The nails keep digging my scalp.

'baby... wasnt supposed to turn out like that,jane. i thought you had done it all, i thought you buried them all babyjane-'


I know I did it! I know I did, right?

l lay knees to my chest.
The nails just keep digging.
Digging deeper.
I buried the rest.
They scratch and claw.
The lies.
Scratching over sores. Sores upon sores and scars and blood and sores.
Lies lies lies lies LIES!
Oh the blood.
"I-i-it cant be... It cant be...please please..."
I close my eyes again.
inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale
'oh dear we're fucked now-'
They laugh and some of them cower. Hide.

"You all lied. None of this was real? Who did i- how? Nononono nooo"
'well ya dont say see man i aint tryna get my goose cooked over dis shit man i aint did shit man come on man-'
'come on man come onman come on man'

"They're going to find me, they're... They're all going to rip me open and-and... Oh please oh please!! DONT LET THEM FIND ME PLEASE!!!"


'jane please i didnt mean to i didnt
mean to i didnt i swear i thought i thought i '
'pathetic kill yourself'
'well she has to now she screwed up again didnt you sarah you fuckin whore you really did it huh'
'fuckinshitdamn ya really done it man shit we not gonna make it man we aint flyin through this dumphole man shit'
'oh come on you really thought you could thought you could hold the title of god?you lose immortality.'
'shit shit jane, jane! Im here im here'


I laugh... Like an engine startup. A saw.
It cuts through my lungs and up my throat. It clatters my teeth and scrapes my tongue. Its loud.It hurts.
"Ah... Hah...I-its f-funny really. I screwed up."
But then I cant stop laughing. I try to stop but the engine is on now. My stomach crackles and burns but I cant stop.
It hurts.and I laugh.
The Laugh Demon grabs my arms and makes me clap and dance and swirl and im laughing all the way. I am laughing and crying and spinning.
Im dancing over torn bodies, awkward bodies, hanging ones, bloody ones, broken ones, sitting ones. All their mauled, burned and rotten in faces all seem so funny! This is hilarious!
Oh my stomach burns now and the laugh demon laughs away into my mind.
The engine sizzles and calms down.
I collapse on slippery cold skin and bloody clothing. My stomach burns with a flare and pain shoots up my spine and travels down my legs. My eyes register nothing. Its getting hard to breathe in this room.
"Heh, Yeah?" a smile cut onto my face.
'you did did good this time baby.'
I let a long sigh escape me. Oh my stomach.

Im left staring at the far left wall. Kitchen on the left. Hallway on the right. Door on the wall. A smudge of angry,dirty red, smear some of the left side.funny.

"Ima god now r-right?"
And suddenly everything feels cold and hot and hot and cold.
My fingers are starting to loose feeling.

Im the mighty god. Who rose and fell. I tasted greatness and defeat. I know my fate.
An angry large knife juts out from middle of my abdomen. It pulses and mocks me. Every time i breathe it feels deeper. Funny.
'well you did it this time.'
'too late man too late...'
Im a god stabbed by its own people.
'so close to immortality!we had it,bud! we had it!'
' did you do? janebaby...why?'

My eyes close as the sun covers everything and makes it red.
Everything red.

"Heh. All...42...huh?"

Red outside.behind my eyelids.on the floor.on the creme walls. Spots on the ceiling and drapery. Red everywhere and everything red.

'babyjane...42... You made it to...42'

Red on them and red on me.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Spiral. A short story.

I feel the need to burn a building down, after all, I am the god of chaos. I destroy to create, to make room for a better self.

Hm yes this can work. The news the next day will tell me my murder count.Something I wont have to do myself. Check.

But which building? Which would be easier? A family home? A church? An office building?
No neither of these will do, as I am a worker of the night. People are asleep at night, I wont hear them scream. Though maybe I will-

'pick a large house with many vehicles out in front, maybe a gated house. You know they have important things inside.' a voice murmurs.

I now stand in the middle of an empty sunroom. The prior occupant annoyed me,so he was first to go. I forgot where I was for a minute. I've been staring into these large windows for a while now. My vision is spotted and speckled with tiny negative suns when I blink.

'enough of that jane'
He says.

I stretch and sigh...
It is 5:38.. I have to wait at least 6 more hours for my debauchery.

'what will you do?'

Learn the art of immortality and ultimate stealth.

'pathetic.they'll find you.theyll find you and kill you.theyll tear you apart.they hate you You cant do anything right. Youll never learnWHY DID YOU DO THAT you piece of shit filth KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF'
The voices rage and shake my head like a rattling cage.


In a cry of frustration and rage I fling the cleaver into the ground. Inches from my tattered toesocks, inches into the soft carpet flooring.
"Shut up and leave me alone. Go to sleep. I need a break"

They laugh,some of them whimper
"fuckup..." one echoes.

Okay now I can think clearly.
I can do this.
I smile to my self.
I didnt even know I moved from my position.
I own a cleaver?
Clever little bastards, I'll catch you next time.

I cross the kitchen and walk down the hall toward the room.
I'll wake when its time.

I absently drag my fingers across the side of the walls on the way..
I sing my favourite song...

"Kill the babes but
Raise the young swine
Filthy world in need of new lives
I the savior of the Wise
I come to hunt and
take whats miiine"

My head falls swiftly onto the pillow, covers thrown over me in haste.

"you can run
But Ill always find you..."
My eyes close and a long sigh escapes me
" you can run. But you cant hide"

Familiar Blackness comes and evelopes me. I spiraling down into another colourless dream.


-Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Crow!
Looking down Looking down Looking down Oh!
Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyes Low!
Tenny Eyes Open and Tenny Eyes Closed!-

'Lullaby for the Twenty eyed Crow

Who pecks behind My Eyeballs.
I see Insides as well as Out
For I have Twenty all Around!'

'' As I have gathered, 'Tenny Eyes' suggests the 'Crow' has Ten eyes on each side of its Head.'

'References to this Rhyme...Stating that it may have been the basis for the Psycho-neural disease of the 8th spectrum in which...Because neural circuits are altered, it has alternatively been suggested that perceiving black spots is relatively the norm in...Though cases of this possible genetic abnormality has appeared throughout China and Western Europe as seen here...'

Recording as follows:

"The crow saw my soul. It flapped its wings into the darkest corners of my head. I could hear its caws echo as it flew deeper into the pit. I can hear it now.It is a lone bird that only sees through Othereyes. but how can it see me? How can it see me? How? How?..."

"Lone crow lone crow..."

...'Woman claims She is blind after giving Sight to Large bird.'

"He is the Crow of all Crows. The Knows of all Knows. Ten Eyes Open with Ten Eyes Closed."

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wolf of FireHide Dark as Night

Sleep Well Wolfling
I will be Waiting in the Night
I, your Silver shadow
Amongst your Spreading Coal-Skies

And To the Lone Crow
That spreads Darkness
With his wings
He, your Servant to
A lonely Master King

For My Lost Wolf
Beware the Jackal Daemons' Play
One can shed their hide,
But the Face shall Always Remain.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Cold hands
Cold head
Before I know it
I am dead

Cold Gaze
Cold Feet
If I struggle
I will sleep

A Cold Breeze
A Burning Sun
The World doesn't
Know me anymore

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Song to OpenEars

Take me with you
as you scatter within
the couplets
of stars
That burn the eyes
and spark the skin
with ever glistening 

Take me with you
On the ride throughout
the night and day
with a thousand pulses
of life 

Above All like the Mighty who 
Wills it

Above hundreds of circular spheres that throb
With life and breath and meat and bones
We will pass through the Times
While sitting Atop
the highest of Comets

All that we will
Spin around our Fingers
A breath here and there
to pass for the seasons
An everpresent hum
A ring to our ears and
We can sing along
to the lives of all below
We can laugh and weep
For the love and sorrow

Take me with you
So I Will not fall behind
A voice among the millions
of this Earth that yells and cries
The Same.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where Is the Moon in all my Sorrows?

This sadness that encompasses me
Is it loss? Wanting? Pain?
I wish I could get away
Without being alone
but then again
Can I trust a human?

I am not like them,therefore I am One
I feel pain like I never used to
When Will this end?
When shall I return to my Rightful place?
Sometimes I ask,
Is this Punishment?
Or shall it be Fate?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Two Lives

I feel compelled by your existence
Your very presence
A lustrous longing
That I've seen your face
Felt your Soul
Known your ways
Destiny is an odd thing
with brown eyes and silk hair
With beauty that rounds the
It is the breath that you wish to know
the touches that you yearn for
With a heart that aches with the other

What if We are destined
But we have never met
We share what is not ours
But we have no want to forget

If you so feel compelled
by my true existence
Then say it is Right!
When the day our sacred breaths align
Perhaps I'll say, we are destined
To be Immortals
You and I

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Time is Near

Sun as a Piercing Dagger
Pick Pick Neon Holes
in my Vision

Rain with a Scorpion Stinger
Pelt my face and whisper

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What is me?

What is me
Forever falling
Gazing at sunsets
Wishing I were like such

What is me
In soft hands
Forever lost
In my own Land
I am her

Thursday, August 23, 2012


If I were the Rain
I would fall and hope
Reaching hands
would catch me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Water Girl

I spend time wading
in hidden waters
I meet my gaze
to the forbidden sun
A lily does brush upon
My long fingers
In this green pond

I Sometimes call

to the Walkers above
to the waking Trees
and the red bird

In hidden waters

where home hides my face
I sometimes want
To be like them

Friday, August 17, 2012


The rain falls slowly
To reach my feet
Upon the empty soles I feel
All but the concrete

The grey sky glows ahead
To cast the sun rays grey
The sun behind old winter
Falls cold and dead today

I let the Frost do kiss my face
As I Lie in a Wandering State

The Soul Interface

Tiresome beginnings
in measureless time
Is life ever living?
Like the morning dew
and salt tide?

Count the many shadows
As the garden of death seeks bloom
The grey sun shines
Its sparkling rays
As it seeks to be immortal

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who are you to Determine?

Nothing is purely Light and none is purely Dark.The only way one can see Light is by the Shadow it casts. The only way life exists is by the Death it brings. The only way we know the Sun is by the clouds that overcast it. Just how the darkest hour of Night, may bring the brightest Stars........

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old Timey

Rise me up from the Dirt I belong
Wash me clear with Earth and Song
Burn thine love onto my Heart
May the Goddess and I never Part


Love me till your Dying Breath
As Love Doth live Forever

Grasp the Arms that Hold me down
To Lead Me up to Heavahn

Sunday, July 1, 2012


A Thousand Rice Pieces
On the Floor
A Thousand Days of Pain No More

A Hundred Matchbooks
In my Pocket
A Hundred more to be Forgotten

A Thousand Rice Grains
All Dried Up
A Million More to Make IT Stop

A Hundred Matchbooks
On a Wire
A Million More all on Fire

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Wind

It Sings a Ghastly song
Tempting yet Subtle
Slighted Voices pass the Window
Where Slighted Voices cannot go


Darkness is the Earth
As Gaea Settles and Sits
A Kin near Next to Birth
And Darkness is it

Friday, June 15, 2012

Today I am Free

Today I am Free
I Run on Wings that Keep
me Aloft from the Wanting

I Rest on a Wavering
Ocean of Decisions made
Years of Tears That Created
This Mass
This Thought
This Individual

Between My Fingers
This Free Bird Flies
Through Slices of Smiles
Atop Round Laughs
In Colours of Happiness Found
This Mass

Free-Floating along Another
Watching the Swirling Worlds
Gather Themselves

These are the Days I Love to Be

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Passages from Across the Plane of Worlds


I Lay with my Legs outstretched and my weight held by my hands. The grounds Holds both of us up.
Him and I.

I stare into the Burning Suns that seem to Light the grasses a Pale white.Everything is pure as we are One. I let the Suns burn History into my eyes as I sigh across the ages.

"What have I Become?" My Breathless voice resounds.

"You are only Simply Learning..." He Responds Beside me, staring into the Same Helios Oblivion as I.

"Learning? I have been Failing. That in it, is the Saddening Fact."

Then He Sighs like a Rush of Fire so Sharp, It Points through the Scape like Ice. In an Instant his head lays in my Lap, his hands Run gently down my leg in one easy stroke. The touch pains Him.
"Aislynn.You are as beautiful for the gods Created thee. The One and Only,'Hope'.

My Hands hover his head...Thinking which Earth-thoughts to Say.

"I cannot be Hope. I feel too much Ruin..I am the Death of myself."

He Growls, a Sound that pierces the Plane and echoes through it and back in Rushes. A Sound, not any noise, Such carries energy, as Destruction bred in his breathless Voice.
"Folly.That even I Know is not True."
I sigh and Close my Eyes. Upon opening I greet The Tree, blossoming white leaves of Life. They flutter in the Midst beyond me. My Hand brushes Its essence and let the Rushing Flow,Sink in. My Home......Thine Life.....

"Do not go. It is not Solved."
He stands Behind me as I Release my Fingers and they Return to my Side.
 "What do you know? What do you know of Hope!" My voice is Calm as the Scape would let me. In a Simple thought, It would have held energy to Resound.

He runs his Finger through the Hair which I let flow to Meet the Grasses.
"I have seen Struggle,I have seen many deaths, one penced against another,One to Themselves,Deaths to the Young and not Breached. I have heard and felt their Sorrow, Seen their Sickness.I know Hope when it walks past Me. I know because it Cries. It cries for Itself and the Dying Planes of other Worlds."

I turn to face him. I look into his Unending Eyes and See Eternity's Face, I look to his Chest and through his essence. My hands hover over and a Soft Brush sears my Finger tips. Steam rises to greet the Light above and is No More.

"I am Ruin. this Hope, This Joy, Would Run itself Dry..."
In a swift graceful Movement, I move to Hold onto him. To grasp the Such mystery is He. Though I hold only Light.

He appears in front of me, his Fingers Tie Aimless Knots in my Hair.
"The only Death, is what you cause yourself. You should know I would not let that happen. I will not see you Perish in my Hands,by my hands."

"I want you."
I say with no Voice.

"I have seen enough Death. We are forever Parring Sides.Fire. Ice. Would Destroy One Another."

"Then Hold me".


I Stare into his Eyes. Orbs of Dark and Fire, like a Land of molten Core Overflowing. Cracked Plates float alongside Emotion, Fear and Destruction. All in the History of his Eyes. I close my Eyes briefly and Look away. Any Longer and He would burn through my Eyes also. Set my Soul Fibers Ablaze.
Yet, I cry the Tears of a NightingCreature who has seen the Day. As Explaining Infinite numbers to a short-lived Soul, or Happiness to one who Mourns. It is Useless or otherwise.


I Sing a Breathless Song, as it Resounds against the echoes of my World. The Sky now casts in Shades of Hues. As the Chords Progress, The Stars and Suns swirl around me. I close my eyes as Light turn into Shadows and Rolling Ends. I cease and begin to Watch what I have Created..

Onesayer's Voice suffocates the existence of my World briefly.
"Why do you sing such Sorrow?"

"It is all my Heart can Carry..Endless Symphonies."

OneSayer continues Rolling into the Scape and Lifting it.With its great power, It Takes on the Masses of the World.
"You have done All you can, This is your End, Start anew."

Something like Diamond rain, falls. Shards of Sunlight pass through my essence. I then Kneel down to the Obsidian beneath me. All my Pain seeps between the Rivulets and Chain themselves along the Never ending path.
"My End is soon.I grow Weak, as my Stone Cracks."

"What is it, you Say?"

I Gaze past Me and the Worlds. I see beyond it, a Million more, and my Vision is Dark.

"What More do you See here? You are Prolonging what is not There. Wishing upon What is not alive. I cannot Bear it any Longer."

Then the Rolling clouds grow with Red hues and Yellow Bursts. It grows clear to other Planes as Lush life is casted around Me. Laughter and Play swing their Voices around and Spread a Twirling path beyond Me. Long Grasses sprout through my Obsidian Despair and the DiamondShard Rains Cease to Plant their Stars of Life into the Air and Heavahns.

"Though Life ends Short for You, Your Purpose, Long Lives True."



He Stumbles on Weakened Legs. The High Erupts in a Soundless Destruction as Life is Rained Down.

"No EarthWords may describe such foolishness, I have Created! Oh my Aislynn, Sorryness does not Complete my Heart, You do!"

He Cries out to the Stretching Eras of Pain and They Echo back with Endless Years.

"I am Only Capable of Hurt, the Many Mistakes of Me..."

He Stumbles upon a Crystal burned Black. It Juts up High from the Melting Grounds. A Roar of Pain and Anger Slices the Scape beyond and Runs a Rugged Crack along the High Plane. His Weight sags against the Rock, For all his Energy has been Expelled, Spent.

"Aislynn...Aislynn.....I...Oh My Heart Burns for You..I am Blind! Blind without you! All me....This is All Me."

He Screams With Power and Little Breath, and  the Crystal Shatters. It is taken by the Heavy Air and Is no More. He Falls to his Knees and Weeps Golden Tears.
"I am Destruction! I am Me! Oh My Aislynn, Thou Dost gives Me my Hope to Prosper. Such Fruit to Consume and Upon that Be Complete!"

He then Sinks to let the Grounds catch Him. A Sigh Waves through and Echoes back.

"Now I know the Pain and History thy 'Hope' Feels. I Beg of You to Forgive such a Creature, for I cannot Even Begin to Forgive Myself. My Face would Rage my Body with Fits till Eternity reached Me. My Ways and Actions would make my whole Essence Split from such Folly, Such that is Me."


"What Happened Here? What Destruction...."

The Plane Around me Fractures with Utter death as its Essence flees and Departs. The Tree,The Willow of my Sorrow left with Blooms of Misshapen Souls. The Branches curl in a Dance of Annihilation and Ending. The Stars that so Delicately Coated the Heavahns, and Speckled the Days, Fade out.

"No! No! Stop, Stop this! What is Happening?!"
The Once Great Plane that flowed before me with Vibrance,Its Rivers of Flowing Grasses, and Many Suns, Have Sunk to meet the Cracked foundation.

OneSayer's Voice Floats on Dismal Pockets of Life and Continues to Consume All that is Around me.
"This Life is not Needed anymore, Thou should Know that to be True now. We are Not Needed, and as of Yet, our Service to Thee is complete. You are Complete. Journey Ceased."

"NO! It....It.......IT Cannot BE! Please! My Sanctuary!!!"

As Life Twists Away from my Very Touch and Structure is drawn out into Itself, It Collapses and My Heart Does the same. I scramble For the Lifeblood that seems to Shake away from my Fingers, slipping away into the Void.

OneSayer Continues........
"This is the End, So Start Anew."

I then become Overtaken and Fall into Eternity's Shell. Its Capsule of Utter Truth. I await my Weak Self to become Nonexistent. I Lie in the Void where TwoSayers come By on Rays, Mourn the End, and Revel in the Darkness. I Let the Space Gap my Belief and Sight.

"I have Done so much! Please......Please.....Please........"

My Words become a Long Liquid in Which a Song that Passes my Knowing, Frees Itself. The Between-Plane which I Reside Cradles me and all my Sorrows. It Tells me of Days, Brighter.
Oh It Pains to Move and Succeed from which was Comfortable. This Abyss Holds and Keeps my Sorrows Neverending. My Entity and Me are Trapped in Lightless Memories. It Begins to Suffocate me till All grows Calm.

I take an Unsure Breath and it Bounces Back Flat. I Look and Dread fills a Box Inside me,Which I now have. Confusion floods my Head with Fire Never Before.
As of then, I understood Everything.
Shadows Copy and Light Burns and my Fingers Touch. I no Longer cry Golden Tears for I am No Longer in the Valley.

I am then Sent and Away, Feeling like a Starless Night. Empty. An Ending Abyss, Feeling all that is not Right. Yet, It Suits. The NewVoid Creams my Skin and makes it Tight. It envelopes My Sight and Mind with Strange Simpleness.

Caught Between Planes?

No, No....Only One.

I, In the Valley of the Earth, still Descending. Have I Learned? Panic Rushes to Greet me With Violence.

OneSayer Strains to Spread and Reach me Over the Infinite Planes.

"Sing Rejoice! Sing my Hope! Though Life is Short for You, Your Purpose Long Lives True! You are Hope!"

As History Deserts me with a new Familiarity. A new World.

Fresh Water Blind my Sight with a Feeling.




Sunday, January 22, 2012

Washed of it,the Minds Rule

Lies do Impeach the Soul

Dream to expect,

Dream to infer

Dream till death

What is cast,doth create the Mold

Do not suit to wise,

Wise the Suitor

Fool the Mold,

Doubt that Lives,and Live to Doubt

Question that

which Cannot

Be Found.

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright,

I am the Fire that Lights
Your frozen wings turn white,to Ice?

Your halo Dulls and Sits?
Turns to dust
and your Heart rocks and Wavers?

Why sever the Ties? 
to Ancient cries,the Long Lives,
arch your Wing and do Rise.

let Air gather your strength...

Stretching so,
Ice gives way to Burn
As flame doth into Fire
a Great Inferno
Across thy Shoulders

Rise to Fly
For Fire burns Sky

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Statement From Staring into Space

"Listen,Do you hear that?"
"Hear What?" I cocked my head to listen...

He Stood Still,very still.Even the warming wind stopped,so did the twisting yellow flower he held in hand.
In the Quiet, I sat there,and strained to hear.All was silent.

"That is the Sound of Breath,the sound of thought."
"How can you hear that? Its Silent."
"Some Come with the wind,Others a Loud bang,Run with your Thoughts,they will take you far..."
"I cannot Run with my head,We run with our legs...."
"See this Flower?"
"Yes, It is Beautiful..." I stare at its bright yellow, sunset colored petals...

He reached up with the flower and tapped its petals against the middle of my forehead. Three times I assume.
The flower had so much pollen, its dust and spores shined in the light as it fell down in my face,and into my hands. He withdrew his hand.

"That is where your thoughts will take you..."
I look up,still confused..
"What can I call you?"
"I am silent,yet loud as foot falls on Soil...Call me what you wish..."
His hand suddenly held medium sized clear beads,as he opened his palm out to me.
"Choose One.."

I think all these beads are the same,Though there must be a difference...
I pick the one that seems to shine the brightest.
As I reach out to his open palm,to grab a bead,He turns his hand so the beads fall into my lap and roll elsewhere...

"Choices as this are not always this simple,though they seem to have the same outcome,it is ever rarely easy. Look for this."
"The beads were all the same though..."
I was looking for a difference.
"All choices are choices the same,do you understand this?"
"Yes.." Though I wished I knew More.

He Sighs as a Vibrant Red flower twirls in his fingers.
"Do the women ever put buds in their hairlocks or seeds upon their wrists and arms?"
I think...
"No,They cannot.It would not look good anyway..."
He holds his shimmering flower out to me,as the petals shrivel and curl up tightly in its original bulb.Like it never bloomed.

"A flower is most beautiful as it opens up and unfurls.A flower is most beautiful as it blooms..."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Creation, My Heart.

I dream of many things
I think and think,
beyond the years of each...

I wish to float upon the dusts,
of dying planets,stars,and forgotten times,
to swim through matter,Much complex than I,
and watch them pulse and throb with new energy,

I hold a star in my heart so I may never forget you.
I only pray that my star is never divided.