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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Im falling again
Falling where hope cant reach me
down the spiral
there I went
Up to surface
down the bend

Monday, January 7, 2013

Worms that feast on Despair

Snaky slugs that ate my songs
Found a crevice in my heart
Worms that feast on weakened ones
Will tear till i do part

Scaling creatures that slither and slay
Will soon be the death of me

Withering Hope a soon is she
As fire catches on dead leaves

Fish a many as a fishermans sea
Eyes an empty as the oceans deep

Eno Stars

And there I was
Free floating on an
Austrian star
Wondering where the time
Got swallowed up
To and where i was

I gleamed against a million suns
That spiked my skin so
I budded along a rare flower
As I became my true form
A rare flesh of Hope
A rare-petaled Love

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I shook with might and they stood, I cried out as any god would.

Soon I will be just a breath of air.

a squint of lashed lids,
When the Sun gets to bright.
Even the rodents,
brush off my Thundering Sight.

I, now just the Rain,

that Men shake off.

?? Who are you?

There is always something for you to achieve. Always an Envelope of forgotten Darkness to open,Always a Hidden Stone to find and Crack.Always a Block Of Fear and Doubt to Overcome,Doors to open,Chakras to fill and lives to Fulfill.You are Yet on The Edge of Understanding,Learning a new thing Each one Day. What you Trully Yearn is Yet not on this Earth, This SPhere, THis World.Yet You Can Bring IT there Only through you. IT is a Pleasant Forbidden Light Only you can Hold Within Your Self...You, Of Great Barriers and Medians, a Door and Vessel Itself. You a Great and Yet YOu Doubt and Cannot See,You Question. Remember The Mind Has great Powers,So to say.Great Boundaries can be Reached,and Seen If Worked Enough.
You Can Do More Than Your Blocked Mind can Think

Saturday, January 5, 2013

You and I

If I Be the night that cradles you so,
Call to the stars to carry you home.
If I be the winds that carry your stride,
Yell to the skies to quicken your flight.

But If I be the moon and sun that sets,

Will you stay till dawn and dusk for it?
If I were as everpresent as the air you so breathe,
Would you love till death or forget about me?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Jackal's Musings actually Make sense.

"My Life is divided into Camps & Islands, and I sit adrift on my freakish Raft in No Man’s Waters, struggling to find a Balance between ‘nerdy Friends’ and ‘cool People who aren’t emotional Wrecks’."