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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Spiral.

Someone keeps breathing inside my ears. Sounds like a scared child.
'oh isnt that a pity. Oh yes yes it is such a pity'

Inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale-
I open my eyes again.
"NO!" I suddenly scream."Please please pleasee.. None of this is true...please please let it not be true"

'S-s-see uh listen, I-im s-sorry jane, im sorry i didnt...k-know you...w-would-'

Tears pour down my face in rivers... And that person wont stop whimpering...
The nails keep digging my scalp.

'baby... wasnt supposed to turn out like that,jane. i thought you had done it all, i thought you buried them all babyjane-'


I know I did it! I know I did, right?

l lay knees to my chest.
The nails just keep digging.
Digging deeper.
I buried the rest.
They scratch and claw.
The lies.
Scratching over sores. Sores upon sores and scars and blood and sores.
Lies lies lies lies LIES!
Oh the blood.
"I-i-it cant be... It cant be...please please..."
I close my eyes again.
inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale
'oh dear we're fucked now-'
They laugh and some of them cower. Hide.

"You all lied. None of this was real? Who did i- how? Nononono nooo"
'well ya dont say see man i aint tryna get my goose cooked over dis shit man i aint did shit man come on man-'
'come on man come onman come on man'

"They're going to find me, they're... They're all going to rip me open and-and... Oh please oh please!! DONT LET THEM FIND ME PLEASE!!!"


'jane please i didnt mean to i didnt
mean to i didnt i swear i thought i thought i '
'pathetic kill yourself'
'well she has to now she screwed up again didnt you sarah you fuckin whore you really did it huh'
'fuckinshitdamn ya really done it man shit we not gonna make it man we aint flyin through this dumphole man shit'
'oh come on you really thought you could thought you could hold the title of god?you lose immortality.'
'shit shit jane, jane! Im here im here'


I laugh... Like an engine startup. A saw.
It cuts through my lungs and up my throat. It clatters my teeth and scrapes my tongue. Its loud.It hurts.
"Ah... Hah...I-its f-funny really. I screwed up."
But then I cant stop laughing. I try to stop but the engine is on now. My stomach crackles and burns but I cant stop.
It hurts.and I laugh.
The Laugh Demon grabs my arms and makes me clap and dance and swirl and im laughing all the way. I am laughing and crying and spinning.
Im dancing over torn bodies, awkward bodies, hanging ones, bloody ones, broken ones, sitting ones. All their mauled, burned and rotten in faces all seem so funny! This is hilarious!
Oh my stomach burns now and the laugh demon laughs away into my mind.
The engine sizzles and calms down.
I collapse on slippery cold skin and bloody clothing. My stomach burns with a flare and pain shoots up my spine and travels down my legs. My eyes register nothing. Its getting hard to breathe in this room.
"Heh, Yeah?" a smile cut onto my face.
'you did did good this time baby.'
I let a long sigh escape me. Oh my stomach.

Im left staring at the far left wall. Kitchen on the left. Hallway on the right. Door on the wall. A smudge of angry,dirty red, smear some of the left side.funny.

"Ima god now r-right?"
And suddenly everything feels cold and hot and hot and cold.
My fingers are starting to loose feeling.

Im the mighty god. Who rose and fell. I tasted greatness and defeat. I know my fate.
An angry large knife juts out from middle of my abdomen. It pulses and mocks me. Every time i breathe it feels deeper. Funny.
'well you did it this time.'
'too late man too late...'
Im a god stabbed by its own people.
'so close to immortality!we had it,bud! we had it!'
' did you do? janebaby...why?'

My eyes close as the sun covers everything and makes it red.
Everything red.

"Heh. All...42...huh?"

Red outside.behind my eyelids.on the floor.on the creme walls. Spots on the ceiling and drapery. Red everywhere and everything red.

'babyjane...42... You made it to...42'

Red on them and red on me.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Spiral. A short story.

I feel the need to burn a building down, after all, I am the god of chaos. I destroy to create, to make room for a better self.

Hm yes this can work. The news the next day will tell me my murder count.Something I wont have to do myself. Check.

But which building? Which would be easier? A family home? A church? An office building?
No neither of these will do, as I am a worker of the night. People are asleep at night, I wont hear them scream. Though maybe I will-

'pick a large house with many vehicles out in front, maybe a gated house. You know they have important things inside.' a voice murmurs.

I now stand in the middle of an empty sunroom. The prior occupant annoyed me,so he was first to go. I forgot where I was for a minute. I've been staring into these large windows for a while now. My vision is spotted and speckled with tiny negative suns when I blink.

'enough of that jane'
He says.

I stretch and sigh...
It is 5:38.. I have to wait at least 6 more hours for my debauchery.

'what will you do?'

Learn the art of immortality and ultimate stealth.

'pathetic.they'll find you.theyll find you and kill you.theyll tear you apart.they hate you You cant do anything right. Youll never learnWHY DID YOU DO THAT you piece of shit filth KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF'
The voices rage and shake my head like a rattling cage.


In a cry of frustration and rage I fling the cleaver into the ground. Inches from my tattered toesocks, inches into the soft carpet flooring.
"Shut up and leave me alone. Go to sleep. I need a break"

They laugh,some of them whimper
"fuckup..." one echoes.

Okay now I can think clearly.
I can do this.
I smile to my self.
I didnt even know I moved from my position.
I own a cleaver?
Clever little bastards, I'll catch you next time.

I cross the kitchen and walk down the hall toward the room.
I'll wake when its time.

I absently drag my fingers across the side of the walls on the way..
I sing my favourite song...

"Kill the babes but
Raise the young swine
Filthy world in need of new lives
I the savior of the Wise
I come to hunt and
take whats miiine"

My head falls swiftly onto the pillow, covers thrown over me in haste.

"you can run
But Ill always find you..."
My eyes close and a long sigh escapes me
" you can run. But you cant hide"

Familiar Blackness comes and evelopes me. I spiraling down into another colourless dream.


-Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Crow!
Looking down Looking down Looking down Oh!
Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyes Low!
Tenny Eyes Open and Tenny Eyes Closed!-

'Lullaby for the Twenty eyed Crow

Who pecks behind My Eyeballs.
I see Insides as well as Out
For I have Twenty all Around!'

'' As I have gathered, 'Tenny Eyes' suggests the 'Crow' has Ten eyes on each side of its Head.'

'References to this Rhyme...Stating that it may have been the basis for the Psycho-neural disease of the 8th spectrum in which...Because neural circuits are altered, it has alternatively been suggested that perceiving black spots is relatively the norm in...Though cases of this possible genetic abnormality has appeared throughout China and Western Europe as seen here...'

Recording as follows:

"The crow saw my soul. It flapped its wings into the darkest corners of my head. I could hear its caws echo as it flew deeper into the pit. I can hear it now.It is a lone bird that only sees through Othereyes. but how can it see me? How can it see me? How? How?..."

"Lone crow lone crow..."

...'Woman claims She is blind after giving Sight to Large bird.'

"He is the Crow of all Crows. The Knows of all Knows. Ten Eyes Open with Ten Eyes Closed."

Friday, December 7, 2012