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Monday, October 15, 2012


Cold hands
Cold head
Before I know it
I am dead

Cold Gaze
Cold Feet
If I struggle
I will sleep

A Cold Breeze
A Burning Sun
The World doesn't
Know me anymore

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Song to OpenEars

Take me with you
as you scatter within
the couplets
of stars
That burn the eyes
and spark the skin
with ever glistening 

Take me with you
On the ride throughout
the night and day
with a thousand pulses
of life 

Above All like the Mighty who 
Wills it

Above hundreds of circular spheres that throb
With life and breath and meat and bones
We will pass through the Times
While sitting Atop
the highest of Comets

All that we will
Spin around our Fingers
A breath here and there
to pass for the seasons
An everpresent hum
A ring to our ears and
We can sing along
to the lives of all below
We can laugh and weep
For the love and sorrow

Take me with you
So I Will not fall behind
A voice among the millions
of this Earth that yells and cries
The Same.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where Is the Moon in all my Sorrows?

This sadness that encompasses me
Is it loss? Wanting? Pain?
I wish I could get away
Without being alone
but then again
Can I trust a human?

I am not like them,therefore I am One
I feel pain like I never used to
When Will this end?
When shall I return to my Rightful place?
Sometimes I ask,
Is this Punishment?
Or shall it be Fate?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Two Lives

I feel compelled by your existence
Your very presence
A lustrous longing
That I've seen your face
Felt your Soul
Known your ways
Destiny is an odd thing
with brown eyes and silk hair
With beauty that rounds the
It is the breath that you wish to know
the touches that you yearn for
With a heart that aches with the other

What if We are destined
But we have never met
We share what is not ours
But we have no want to forget

If you so feel compelled
by my true existence
Then say it is Right!
When the day our sacred breaths align
Perhaps I'll say, we are destined
To be Immortals
You and I