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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time (past)

This bores me to no end,
Such an Eternity of wasted Time, Billowing about me...
Caught in the Desert Storms, FatherTime has risen up,
The many Seconds,Minutes,Hours; They have struggled to Dissapate, it seems,
Stretching out their long Tendrils,
Stretching out to me,To hold on, to Slow down further,
My ground is no more stable than it,
So us both come Tumbling about in this mass storm of Age old Centuries,
Swallowed by the many memories of Forgotten Eras, and the Revolutions to forsee,
We have become used to It,
and It to Us,
A wonderous Aspect of our Mere Being,
Yet unattainable,
For Father Knows whether our full Grasp Upon it Will bring forth Destruction,
or New Foundations, if we will do more Harm than Good,
But, Untill the tiny seams of fragile Time, Break open with Blinding light,
We will forever be in the Storm of his Will,
Being and Seeing Time as it Envelopes us in its Hopeless Continuity and its Constants,
Like She, like He and Like We, Shall be Like Thee,
Blindly Lost in this Terrible Fate,

When shall I Resume (past)

The world comes and goes,
a world of  Lazarus and Jesus,
and Michelangelo,
The unseen shadow that dwells,
in the consciousness that fell,
to the broken and down...
a host?

The crawling sick that heals,
to the body that shouldn't feel,
but leaves a scar,
that meals upon the flesh,
and becomes it.
Becomes the mouth that talks,
and the bound legs that walk,
but halt,
It changes back and forth,
but lets it believe,
at fault...

The world comes and burns,
to a world of  "Sparrow" and "Poe"
and thine old "Lucifer"...

So now the shadow has risen,
taken over and has been,
waiting to see the next kin,to fall into his abyss...
Now this scar has become a disease,
mealing upon your soul to bleed,
eating your sanity up,
like fleas...

But the world comes and goes...
you see?


Run to the Sky,My Children,

For That may be our Paradise,

Do Not Fall to the Earth, My Children,

For everything that has Fallen,Has Died,

Run My Children, Run to the Sky....

You must grow a pair of wings,

With feathers made of grass and soul,

You must hear what the young Sky sings,

Only then may you be All and Whole...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time is Sweet

Time is Sweet
like the Honey
Life that Runs
Of the Days
Breath is Cold and Hot, that Blows
Thy precious Death Away

Slick as Serpent  Tongue, It takes
It comes and Eats,Breath by taste
Held in hand,Its meal to Dine
Tis a pleasant life, not Lived in Time.

Time is Fleeting

Time is fleeting to the mind
a second decade to second Eyes
Crush between my fingertips
the seconds of my second life

Life is fleeting to the lost
a second too quick between the cusp
An open hand of Death above
a cape of Onyx,Smoke then Rust

Human is the beast that Takes
a Second rule is a second break'd
Stepped upon my weary soles
Are the seconds of their Taxing Tolls

Tink the Tankering Time Dost Tell

Tink the Tankering time does plea
a milisec- to my strenuous creed
Huff the hoping breath does sigh
an eternity to my endless life

Striking does the feather-pen plink
of oil casings drowned in Ink
If one could strike their sins to peace
A hundred lines my pen dost sink

Weary old this man does made
Late of night till Early days
Roar! with godforsaken vain
"I've Lived my last,and my Last is Day!"

Tink the Tankering Clocks do Yell
Seconds before 9 gates of Hell
Huff the dying breath does sigh
An ended life now taken by I.