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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

.Blessed Be, Her and She.

Blessed be thy feet that have run only to me
Blessed be thy (legs/ knees) sensual and sweet
Blessed be thy Hips that shall carry life and seed
Blessed be thy Womb without which we would not be

Blessed be thy Breasts, Honest and Full
Blessed be thy Lips that do whisper liquid gol'

Blessed be thy Goddess Child
Her and She
Love Me an' I shall Love you Whole
All say
So Mote It Be.


It cannot cleanse me
It cannot wash me
From this Dirt
That has caked upon my skin.

Though, other times I can Smile
With Mud in my Teeth
And Sin in my Bones

But Why
Do I feel so Wrong?
For something that Makes me?
(Feel Right?)

Oh I cannot help it...

This Dirt has Made My Skin
And The Dirt Ive made Kin.

Stars are a Secret Wonder...

Stars are a Secret Wonder
A Hidden Paradise Where
If you Wait long enough
They will open themselves up
to you.


I , reaping souls of lost dreamers
I that bittersweet Love with a deathly Tang
I still taking the hearts of men because they still love me.
Bang Bang ,

Oh Goddess

Black as the Nighting sky
With eyes aflame,
like burning coal,
Empty as a barren womb,
Those wide eyes.

But alas!
behold thine beauty!
Made of Night itself,
With an essence that glows,
Brighter than the dying suns,
Couplets of rare sparkling rays,
She is .

Oh with Thine breasts topped with Saturn's rings of gold!
Her eyes that know beyond,
What mine could slightly see!
Tis so she loves me!
And I her.

We lay amongst born again stars,
Our breaths aligning the Constellations.
We gaze into each others Suns,
Our rings and destiny collide in intimacy!
Our love brings Life to Death and more!
Oh Night! Oh Nuit! Oh Isis!

I Love You Whole as You Love Me.

Old Static Television

My lids blink the static away,
screen to screen,channel to channel,
but its all just static.

My eyes trying to blink through stations,
Screen to screen, channel to channel,
stupid old TV they say,
but the old static TV still plays.

It will play the new blank program
The blank show that shows blank daily
but what of me?

blink blink 

Its just me and my tired eyes
trying to blink the Universe away.


Who creates things like Me?
Why am I even Here?
I feel so out of Place, 
Not in the right Form..
I feel 


Why Do You Look to the Stars for your Answers?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

When In The Grey Morn

I woke up this morning
And I was out walking
And I stood there
Marveled at the sun
It was something that belonged
In my dreams

It was the light that faintly casted the day
Across the dormant grass
With the land rising up
To greet the sky's colour

And the crows that cawed Death
Echoing above my head

And the silent steps my soles made
A tap tapping of silent grey
In foggy breaths I asked

What if everyday was like this ?
WhAt if we lived each day wAiting
Waiting for the sun to rise
And the warmth to shine our faces?

I roamed about the subject
Until my fleeting mind left me
And all was lost into nothingness

Until all was just the morning...

What of Me Now? Past Notes 4.5

The rain falls slowly
To reach my feet
Upon the empty soles I feel
All but the concrete

The grey sky glows ahead
To cast the sun rAys grey
The sun behind old winter
Falls cold and dead today

To be lost in waves of time
Is all but a waste
Tick, goesthe clock of day
Another breath lost to fate

Is Life Everliving? Past Notes 3

Tiresome beginnings
in measureless time
Is life ever living?
Like the morning dew
and salt tide?

Count the many shadows
As the garden of death seeks bloom
The grey sun shines
It's sparkling rays
As it seeks to be immortal

Past Notes 2

Waiting for dried out tears to fall
Waiting for loves embrace to call
Waiting for painted windows to dull
Waiting for futures rope to pull

Past Notes 1

A start from the ending
A gravestone from the beginning
A sun circles round infinity
Is life everliving?

Is life everliving?