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Monday, September 26, 2011


Wings of Two

Fly as one

Running to the Sky's


Eyes of Four

Look for two

Soaking up the Autumn



What is it You Cry for?

Breathing Upon which was given to me
Walking Upon which can be Taken Away
Rushing Upon the Wings of my Ea
I learn, I give, and I take

Ah! Hear Her Groan and Moan,
For Which is Not Hers,

I am So,

Flying to as I Greet Thee
Me and She Smiling
Letting the Wind Behind Ye
Whip like Grain Leaves

The Green Hue Turns a Rust Color

The Autumn Comes By Way
Choking Up the Earth and it's Leaves
The Summer Sun,Now Roams behind
It only Waits
And Wishes
to be Longer

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Outside 5

This Black Butterfly

I watch  as It

Swirls Overhead

And around me

to the Beyond

I wonder

If it knows Me

and my Pain

This Black thing

Friday, September 23, 2011

To the One who Smells of Earth


I call to Thee
You feel me
I Speak,
Thou You are Unsure
You are Mine
and Ah!
You are He

A Child who Bears the Seed
of a New Earth
I call to Thee
and you Know Ye

Ezra,Nen Chalin, Mo' ein Cos
Rai'k es in' Tet Map- thew

I will Return,
An' I Will Keep

Broaden for They all Call
For Thee

A Fyre Winged Creature,and An Earth Bearing Spirit-He.

Laidy Fyre and Crimson Seirt
That is All She Spoke
She say,
Throw the leaves Upon the Hearth,
and Smell the Raging Smoke,

She Lay,

Twindling the delicate threads,
Of, Planning,Her Demise
She sees ME and HE
As One, 
in Her Eyes

Laidy Fyre and Crimson Seirt
That is all she Thought,
Washed away, the Woods by Riv'r
I ask,How

She Say,

May I See it So,I will it Done
And that was all the Retort.

Since the Beginning of Never


The Clashing of Times
Have Met one Another,
The Seeds of my Graining,

The Ashes and Clouds,
Have Met once with His Hearth,
to Form our Gracious,


The worms,The Flies and that which Buzz,
Grew to form the Pillars,
All the Corpses and the Bones,
Threw out, which was all left over

So then,

The Lady Hawks and Eagle Men,
Flew through Wisps of Light
Dropping Souls Off their Hind Wing flows,
and these are which Grew,
Feet and Eyes.

Skin and Throat,Dirt and ground,
All which is the same,
Soles and Eyes,Face and Crown,
These start the Days of Men.

Today 1

I breathe in the Wet Sun,
The trees and Grasses,
Sigh Together,

It has been an Eternity,
Since then.

I Slope along the Rock Dirt Hills,
The Weeds and Clouds,
Groan in unison,
It has been,It has been,

A Timeless-Forever,
Since then...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Do you Think Really?

There are many Ladys and Great Lords out there,
So That many are free to choose from whomever,
Only From Where their heart lies,
You create good Then so shall you Be,
Consume Evil and Evil is what will Become of Ye,
 So When your First Life is Over and your Body lies on a Pyre,
The Great Hands of whomever You gave your Soul out To,
Shall Hold you in the lands of Forever-Eden
They Shall wrap your Thrashing Soul Fibers
and keep them Calm 
and when Another Life Returns,
You will carry out on an endless Sea,
Past the gates,As they Watch,
Into the new Era of Beginnings.

Off the Beautiful Comet Bird,Fly.

Who am I?
That which is Made?
The Birds come and Say,
She is the Queen.
Who is my Watcher
So I am duly Hers.

When this Life departs
and leaves me Cast
I shall cross the Lines,where Gods and Lady-hawks have
and She shall hold my soul close in 'ere heart.

I Fly as my Comet Bird So,
Through Brush and Wildflower,
I fly as my Wings too burn,
Soul,Afire,like whipping grass tails,
I shall Return
I shall Return...

They Whisper............

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

(past) When Shall I Resume?

The world comes and goes,
a world of  Lazarus and Jesus,
and Michelangelo,
The unseen shadow that dwells,
in the consciousness that fell,
to the broken and down...
a host?

The crawling sick that heals,
to the body that shouldn't feel,
but leaves a scar,
that meals upon the flesh,
and becomes it.
Becomes the mouth that talks,
and the bound legs that walk,
but halt,
It changes back and forth,
but lets it believe,
at fault...

The world comes and burns,
to a world of  "Sparrow" and "Poe"
and thine old "Lucifer"...

So now the shadow has risen,
taken over and has been,
waiting to see the next kin,to fall into his abyss...
Now this scar has become a disease,
mealing upon your soul to bleed,
eating your sanity up,
like fleas...

But the world comes and goes...
you see?

The Moon's Days to the Dying Phase

Evil is the Dead Moon,
Waxing is,as She moves,
Crescent is the Waning One,
Third thee comes,Last half shone.

Gibbous is the Waning Dark Sliver,
Full is of its Power,The next,
As Waxing Gibbous Wivers,
First is the One, A Half shining Hex,
And then the Next,and then the Next.....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What has it Come to Be?

Oh! I have seen the likes of her,
Always so full of mourn,
Like a Pool of Sadness.
And every once or so,

She would Drown herself in it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Tribute

A Tribute to She
A Tribute to He
A Ritual That Which May Be
A Tribute to Thee


Set the Sky Aflame
And Let it Rain down
Atop the Lands where none can Reach
I cast the Fire and call it Flame

Set the Lands Aflood
and let it Wash over all
Till this Orb can hold no More
I cast the Waters and let it Flow

Let it Flow, Let it Flow

I take the Lands and Take the Air
I cast the Flame and call it Fire

Outside 4.5

I look at Nothing Beyond the Trees,

Nothing is all my Eyes can See,

But the Wind, billows, feels, and speaks,

and Tells Me,there is Indeed something,

Something, Coming.

Outside 3

My Voice is Charred like the Burning Log,

Shout I cannot Do no More,

Wading through the Expired Life of Fog,

I fall in,till Arms carry Me to Shore.

Outside 2

The Beginning sees the End,

And runs far from It,

The End see the Start,

And knows no Fear...

Outside 1

I look between the Trees,

and I See Nothing,

I hear all the Unnecessary Sounds,

Sounds which do not Belong...

The Trees,the Bees,and Me

I ran to the Trees,and They LEFT ME,
I fell to the Grounds,and it too,Withered away,
I see the Flies, a'buzzing,
and they all crawl to ME....

As I ran from the growing Gap,
I ran to the Shadows,
and Ah! they a'laughed and LAUGHED at thee

I fell to my knees and she Held me,
Held me, Held me, HOLD me
but, Oh!
Funny how the Darkness is always,
always Welcoming,

If it had a mouth,it too would have spoken....

If I could light a Match to Fate,I would,
I would let her Burn afire,as I sat and stood,
And all that was held, In her firm grasp,
would slowly burn away, 
and my Future turn to