Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Passages from Across the Plane of Worlds


I Lay with my Legs outstretched and my weight held by my hands. The grounds Holds both of us up.
Him and I.

I stare into the Burning Suns that seem to Light the grasses a Pale white.Everything is pure as we are One. I let the Suns burn History into my eyes as I sigh across the ages.

"What have I Become?" My Breathless voice resounds.

"You are only Simply Learning..." He Responds Beside me, staring into the Same Helios Oblivion as I.

"Learning? I have been Failing. That in it, is the Saddening Fact."

Then He Sighs like a Rush of Fire so Sharp, It Points through the Scape like Ice. In an Instant his head lays in my Lap, his hands Run gently down my leg in one easy stroke. The touch pains Him.
"Aislynn.You are as beautiful for the gods Created thee. The One and Only,'Hope'.

My Hands hover his head...Thinking which Earth-thoughts to Say.

"I cannot be Hope. I feel too much Ruin..I am the Death of myself."

He Growls, a Sound that pierces the Plane and echoes through it and back in Rushes. A Sound, not any noise, Such carries energy, as Destruction bred in his breathless Voice.
"Folly.That even I Know is not True."
I sigh and Close my Eyes. Upon opening I greet The Tree, blossoming white leaves of Life. They flutter in the Midst beyond me. My Hand brushes Its essence and let the Rushing Flow,Sink in. My Home......Thine Life.....

"Do not go. It is not Solved."
He stands Behind me as I Release my Fingers and they Return to my Side.
 "What do you know? What do you know of Hope!" My voice is Calm as the Scape would let me. In a Simple thought, It would have held energy to Resound.

He runs his Finger through the Hair which I let flow to Meet the Grasses.
"I have seen Struggle,I have seen many deaths, one penced against another,One to Themselves,Deaths to the Young and not Breached. I have heard and felt their Sorrow, Seen their Sickness.I know Hope when it walks past Me. I know because it Cries. It cries for Itself and the Dying Planes of other Worlds."

I turn to face him. I look into his Unending Eyes and See Eternity's Face, I look to his Chest and through his essence. My hands hover over and a Soft Brush sears my Finger tips. Steam rises to greet the Light above and is No More.

"I am Ruin. this Hope, This Joy, Would Run itself Dry..."
In a swift graceful Movement, I move to Hold onto him. To grasp the Such mystery is He. Though I hold only Light.

He appears in front of me, his Fingers Tie Aimless Knots in my Hair.
"The only Death, is what you cause yourself. You should know I would not let that happen. I will not see you Perish in my Hands,by my hands."

"I want you."
I say with no Voice.

"I have seen enough Death. We are forever Parring Sides.Fire. Ice. Would Destroy One Another."

"Then Hold me".


I Stare into his Eyes. Orbs of Dark and Fire, like a Land of molten Core Overflowing. Cracked Plates float alongside Emotion, Fear and Destruction. All in the History of his Eyes. I close my Eyes briefly and Look away. Any Longer and He would burn through my Eyes also. Set my Soul Fibers Ablaze.
Yet, I cry the Tears of a NightingCreature who has seen the Day. As Explaining Infinite numbers to a short-lived Soul, or Happiness to one who Mourns. It is Useless or otherwise.


I Sing a Breathless Song, as it Resounds against the echoes of my World. The Sky now casts in Shades of Hues. As the Chords Progress, The Stars and Suns swirl around me. I close my eyes as Light turn into Shadows and Rolling Ends. I cease and begin to Watch what I have Created..

Onesayer's Voice suffocates the existence of my World briefly.
"Why do you sing such Sorrow?"

"It is all my Heart can Carry..Endless Symphonies."

OneSayer continues Rolling into the Scape and Lifting it.With its great power, It Takes on the Masses of the World.
"You have done All you can, This is your End, Start anew."

Something like Diamond rain, falls. Shards of Sunlight pass through my essence. I then Kneel down to the Obsidian beneath me. All my Pain seeps between the Rivulets and Chain themselves along the Never ending path.
"My End is soon.I grow Weak, as my Stone Cracks."

"What is it, you Say?"

I Gaze past Me and the Worlds. I see beyond it, a Million more, and my Vision is Dark.

"What More do you See here? You are Prolonging what is not There. Wishing upon What is not alive. I cannot Bear it any Longer."

Then the Rolling clouds grow with Red hues and Yellow Bursts. It grows clear to other Planes as Lush life is casted around Me. Laughter and Play swing their Voices around and Spread a Twirling path beyond Me. Long Grasses sprout through my Obsidian Despair and the DiamondShard Rains Cease to Plant their Stars of Life into the Air and Heavahns.

"Though Life ends Short for You, Your Purpose, Long Lives True."



He Stumbles on Weakened Legs. The High Erupts in a Soundless Destruction as Life is Rained Down.

"No EarthWords may describe such foolishness, I have Created! Oh my Aislynn, Sorryness does not Complete my Heart, You do!"

He Cries out to the Stretching Eras of Pain and They Echo back with Endless Years.

"I am Only Capable of Hurt, the Many Mistakes of Me..."

He Stumbles upon a Crystal burned Black. It Juts up High from the Melting Grounds. A Roar of Pain and Anger Slices the Scape beyond and Runs a Rugged Crack along the High Plane. His Weight sags against the Rock, For all his Energy has been Expelled, Spent.

"Aislynn...Aislynn.....I...Oh My Heart Burns for You..I am Blind! Blind without you! All me....This is All Me."

He Screams With Power and Little Breath, and  the Crystal Shatters. It is taken by the Heavy Air and Is no More. He Falls to his Knees and Weeps Golden Tears.
"I am Destruction! I am Me! Oh My Aislynn, Thou Dost gives Me my Hope to Prosper. Such Fruit to Consume and Upon that Be Complete!"

He then Sinks to let the Grounds catch Him. A Sigh Waves through and Echoes back.

"Now I know the Pain and History thy 'Hope' Feels. I Beg of You to Forgive such a Creature, for I cannot Even Begin to Forgive Myself. My Face would Rage my Body with Fits till Eternity reached Me. My Ways and Actions would make my whole Essence Split from such Folly, Such that is Me."


"What Happened Here? What Destruction...."

The Plane Around me Fractures with Utter death as its Essence flees and Departs. The Tree,The Willow of my Sorrow left with Blooms of Misshapen Souls. The Branches curl in a Dance of Annihilation and Ending. The Stars that so Delicately Coated the Heavahns, and Speckled the Days, Fade out.

"No! No! Stop, Stop this! What is Happening?!"
The Once Great Plane that flowed before me with Vibrance,Its Rivers of Flowing Grasses, and Many Suns, Have Sunk to meet the Cracked foundation.

OneSayer's Voice Floats on Dismal Pockets of Life and Continues to Consume All that is Around me.
"This Life is not Needed anymore, Thou should Know that to be True now. We are Not Needed, and as of Yet, our Service to Thee is complete. You are Complete. Journey Ceased."

"NO! It....It.......IT Cannot BE! Please! My Sanctuary!!!"

As Life Twists Away from my Very Touch and Structure is drawn out into Itself, It Collapses and My Heart Does the same. I scramble For the Lifeblood that seems to Shake away from my Fingers, slipping away into the Void.

OneSayer Continues........
"This is the End, So Start Anew."

I then become Overtaken and Fall into Eternity's Shell. Its Capsule of Utter Truth. I await my Weak Self to become Nonexistent. I Lie in the Void where TwoSayers come By on Rays, Mourn the End, and Revel in the Darkness. I Let the Space Gap my Belief and Sight.

"I have Done so much! Please......Please.....Please........"

My Words become a Long Liquid in Which a Song that Passes my Knowing, Frees Itself. The Between-Plane which I Reside Cradles me and all my Sorrows. It Tells me of Days, Brighter.
Oh It Pains to Move and Succeed from which was Comfortable. This Abyss Holds and Keeps my Sorrows Neverending. My Entity and Me are Trapped in Lightless Memories. It Begins to Suffocate me till All grows Calm.

I take an Unsure Breath and it Bounces Back Flat. I Look and Dread fills a Box Inside me,Which I now have. Confusion floods my Head with Fire Never Before.
As of then, I understood Everything.
Shadows Copy and Light Burns and my Fingers Touch. I no Longer cry Golden Tears for I am No Longer in the Valley.

I am then Sent and Away, Feeling like a Starless Night. Empty. An Ending Abyss, Feeling all that is not Right. Yet, It Suits. The NewVoid Creams my Skin and makes it Tight. It envelopes My Sight and Mind with Strange Simpleness.

Caught Between Planes?

No, No....Only One.

I, In the Valley of the Earth, still Descending. Have I Learned? Panic Rushes to Greet me With Violence.

OneSayer Strains to Spread and Reach me Over the Infinite Planes.

"Sing Rejoice! Sing my Hope! Though Life is Short for You, Your Purpose Long Lives True! You are Hope!"

As History Deserts me with a new Familiarity. A new World.

Fresh Water Blind my Sight with a Feeling.




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