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Friday, December 28, 2012


-Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Crow!
Looking down Looking down Looking down Oh!
Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyed Tenny Eyes Low!
Tenny Eyes Open and Tenny Eyes Closed!-

'Lullaby for the Twenty eyed Crow

Who pecks behind My Eyeballs.
I see Insides as well as Out
For I have Twenty all Around!'

'' As I have gathered, 'Tenny Eyes' suggests the 'Crow' has Ten eyes on each side of its Head.'

'References to this Rhyme...Stating that it may have been the basis for the Psycho-neural disease of the 8th spectrum in which...Because neural circuits are altered, it has alternatively been suggested that perceiving black spots is relatively the norm in...Though cases of this possible genetic abnormality has appeared throughout China and Western Europe as seen here...'

Recording as follows:

"The crow saw my soul. It flapped its wings into the darkest corners of my head. I could hear its caws echo as it flew deeper into the pit. I can hear it now.It is a lone bird that only sees through Othereyes. but how can it see me? How can it see me? How? How?..."

"Lone crow lone crow..."

...'Woman claims She is blind after giving Sight to Large bird.'

"He is the Crow of all Crows. The Knows of all Knows. Ten Eyes Open with Ten Eyes Closed."

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