Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh Goddess

Black as the Nighting sky
With eyes aflame,
like burning coal,
Empty as a barren womb,
Those wide eyes.

But alas!
behold thine beauty!
Made of Night itself,
With an essence that glows,
Brighter than the dying suns,
Couplets of rare sparkling rays,
She is .

Oh with Thine breasts topped with Saturn's rings of gold!
Her eyes that know beyond,
What mine could slightly see!
Tis so she loves me!
And I her.

We lay amongst born again stars,
Our breaths aligning the Constellations.
We gaze into each others Suns,
Our rings and destiny collide in intimacy!
Our love brings Life to Death and more!
Oh Night! Oh Nuit! Oh Isis!

I Love You Whole as You Love Me.

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